It's not all about moving boxes. Relying on your goods being safely delivered, mandates using reliable packing methods, something that we at Mesa Movers have been trained and prepared for from day one. As professional movers, our packing teams make sure to “think inside the box” so that all items are carefully packed and placed in such a way that we would cover every aspect of safety for the items being moved. Packing is not only a skill, it also involves the vision of how goods must be packed while taking into account all procedures and DOT regulations involved so that your goods will remain intact and insured up until the time of delivery.

Each item is assessed by the packer, who quickly knows the type and the quantity of material required. A broad range of materials are used, such as your standard removal boxes, corrugated cardboard wrap, bubble wrap, tapes, stretch wrap.

Labeling is also just as important as packing. This involves labeling the items and identifying which room they were packed in, OR which room they will be delivered to at destination. The description of each packed item is also written on the packaging and a number is given for each individual item packed. This helps co-ordinate the destination crew who appreciate this organized method as it helps create momentum in placing items where they need to be unpacked.