Joseph S.

I moved a from house shared with my mom to my own place. I had things packed and ready by the door with everything prepped, including the mattresses taken down. It wasn't a lot of stuff. The move was about 7 miles in distance. I helped a little to keep the time under 3 hours. They finished 15 minutes beforehand and without damages. I'd definitely recommend them to a friend, and I actually have already recommended them to a friend who used them for her move.

Ashley G.

Moved from one house to another, about 10 miles in distance. Moved included items from one big bedroom plus miscellaneous items. They were on time, packed everything up and did a good job. Billing was straight forward with no add on fees, it was a good price. From start to finish it took 4 hours.

Sarah J.

The movers showed up right around their scheduled time. The two guys who came were both friendly. They worked quickly and were very careful with my things and secured furniture and other items. I was moving only my things out of a large house. The guys were very patient as I pointed out which things were moving from each room. The movers were even ok with stopping at a second location to pick up a few more things. Overall it was a good experience!

Bred Y.

This is definitely the first moving company that offers such a great care and attention to its customers. As I have moved before with other movers, this time I was really surprised by the willingness of the team to offer me customized advice and solutions. All the employees and consultants are gentle and well-prepared, thanks to them there were no unanswered questions for me before and during the relocation service. I can describe the service of Mesa Movers only as very professional.

Natalie M.

I just would like to say that the two movers who moved me were awesome. They were very professional, and very nice. I have dealt with movers before who just took their time and didn’t really care of the concern of the home owners time. I have recommended this company to a few others that are looking to move. I am very pleased with my services, and I will definitely use this company again.